Scotland is one of the oldest nations in Europe. Like all nations, it is a product of cultural imagination, built upon centuries of history, art, literature and shared experience.

Our primary aim is to make Scottish history and culture more accessible through a variety of articles and reviews, as well as developing our own in-house creative projects to shed new light on Scotland’s national story.

Our outlook is open, inclusive, and international, celebrating Scotland’s historical and cultural links across the globe. By highlighting many different aspects of Scottish culture, we hope to inspire fresh perspectives, challenge preconceptions, and encourage Scotland’s creativity and imagination.

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In-house Creative Projects

On St Andrew’s Day 2021, The Scots Curator launched its first ever in-house creative project, the Atlas of Scotland. This illustrated Atlas was designed to tell Scotland’s story through a series of unique hand-drawn maps.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon praised the project as ‘a stunningly beautiful hand-drawn Atlas full of surprises, putting Scotland on display like never before.’ Find out more about the Atlas of Scotland or order your own copy here.

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Andrew Redmond Barr

Writer and artist.